World Autism Awareness Day

The 2nd April was a fun day for the staff. It was World Autism Awarness Day and we all dressed up in as much "blue" as we could! The children couldn't believe their eyes when thet arrived at the centre; blue hair, blue eyes, blue costumes - even blue lips! We even had a contribution from Sashi, our amazing dog, who arrived at helping Hands with a blue wig on!

Holiday Program - Zoo Visit

We took a group of fantastic children to the Royal Melbourne Zoo as one of our "Out and About" experiences during the September Holiday Program. It was a perfect day - and the children were perfect in every way. They loved the elephants; the sheer size of these animals simply amazed them. Watching the seals and other sea creatures performing underwater was also another favourite! Next Thursday sees us heading to the movies for our final treat of the school holidays.

Seth Sewana Fund Raiser

A lot of fun with our Pyjama Week fund raiser for the Seth Sewana Orphange in Sri Lanka. We have wondefully generous families who made generous donations and a big thank you to our children who donated a gold coin for coming to our centre in their pyjamas! We raised over $200 and as you can imagine, this will be used wisely by the admistrators of the orphanage.

Wendy Lawson Visits Helping Hands

We were kept totally absorbed for over two hours as (Dr.) Wendy Lawson gave us an insight into her very colourful life. Now a mature woman with 7 degrees to her name, she has a never ending supply of anecdotes of growing up as an(undiagnosed) autistic child. Wendy now heads a team of scientists and engineers exploring the autistic world and is the author of a number of books, written for both children and adults.

Our new web site

Our new web site is up and running!
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